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Oregon Connections is the next generation, web-based tool that makes it easy for industry professionals to connect with K-20 educators. Professionals can share their skills and expertise to bring real-world, authentic learning opportunities to all our students helping to create the next generation of innovators. Through in-person matches and virtual sessions, professionals can help students and teachers connect their classroom to the world of work. Together we can make a difference.

Upcoming Virtual Industry Chats

In-Person Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

Bird Expert

Need an expert on birds or bird rescue for a 1st grade classroom to present/speak to class and/or lead a related activity.

Climate Change

I'm creating a 3-6 week STEM unit on Climate Change for my 6th grade science class. I am looking for a presenter to speak or lead an activity that addresses or one or all of the topics below:-How do human activities contribute to Climate Change?-What...

App Developer Speaker

I am looking for a classroom speaker to discuss the app development process to high school students in my elective computer science class.Please include a discussion about your journey in life that lead you to this job/career.

Chemistry for Middle Schoolers

I am hoping to connect with individuals doing work in chemistry or chemical engineering to share their real world experiences, career path, and insights with my 7th graders.  Since so many kids love chemistry and express an interest in chemistry...