This presentation will include how my own career trajectory led me to an interest in app development and specifically my current project. Here is specific information about the app I will be discussing (and will be giving students an opportunity to give input on!):

The music app is designed to teach children self- empowerment through an interactive virtual reality platform and by engaging them with magic characters who teach the power of Abjurer.  An Abjurer is one who embraces their own personal empowerment by going through a self-mastery, apprenticeship program that is taught by these magical characters.   They lead the apprentice through levels in different lands that teach transformative habits of giving without self aggrandizement and use magical songs  and stories as rewards.

Key Questions

How I got into music.

My screenplay experience and how it moved me from teaching music to developing the app.

Show the app video.

Q  &  A on how they might want to make the app better if they were a designer.

Expected Outcomes

That there are other areas of the music business that can be rewarding other than being a rock star or diva.


Curriculum Alignment

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 04/16/2018 3:00 PM   Eastern Time




Merry Citoli Musician Composer


Brian Dennis
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Children's Music and Game App
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