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This session is designed to integrate poetry with elements of therapy into social emotional learning settings.  I want students to gain a better understanding of what is going on inside their own head, and explore how to use poetry as a form of therapeutic expression.  An example of a session will include a poem focused on a certain topic, and expressed in a spoken word poetry format influenced by hip-hop.

#flowtherapy session "Frequency Filters":

Therapy gets such a bad rap that most people think it means there's something wrong with them to go through the steps of self-reflection.  In all honesty, the most honed minds go through this process daily.  If kids can feel empowered to process their feelings about anything that happens through poetry, they can build towards emotional intelligence.

Key Questions

How can I express what's going on with me in a therapeutic way? 

How do I process the feelings I'm feeling?

How do I build my vocabulary and linguistic ability to better express my feelings verbally?

What are multi-syllabic rhyme-schemes?

What is average hip-hop song structure?

What is exact and non-exact rhyming?

Expected Outcomes

Above all else, I want students to learn how to express themselves in a way that is more concise than journaling.  I also want students to process whatever feelings they are feeling about anything and use poetry as a verbal locomotive to push their thoughts forward.  If trauma has happened, if abuse is happening, if suicidal thoughts are happening...I feel that #flowtherapy will give kids a chance to put their own spin on therapy and make it cool to self-reflect.


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 09/13/2018 2:30 PM   Eastern Time




Devin James Stinson Poetry


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Wenona Wray
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Going with the Flow: Social Emotional Learning through Poetry
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