Connecting industry to every classroom

We provide teachers the tools to connect curriculum with the real world by virtually inviting industry professionals into the classroom to engage and inspire students in STEAM!

Bring classroom lessons to life!

Teachers often dread the question: "Why should I learn this?" Connect industry experts live into the classroom to show and tell how specific curriculum topics can be applied in practice, in the workforce. Invite subject matter experts to help students with their projects and to provide timely feedback. Increase the stakes and have students present their capstone projects to a panel of industry experts, virtually. Whether it's a project based learning (PBL) class learning about Rocks. or a Career and technical education(CTE) class learning about Pneumatics, every lesson or activity can benefit from an industry connection.

Expose students to STEAM jobs

Over 26 million jobs in the US require a high level of knowledge in at least one STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) field! Give your students an opportunity to interview and interact with professionals with specific job skills so they can make the right choices when it comes to college. Whether it's a chef or a scientist, Nepris connects them to your classroom at your convenience. We provide schools a platform to engage their business community in the classroom so that every day can be a career day!

Inspire students through role models

Can't do field trips all the time? Don't have access to professionals around the world. No worries! We can bring the workplace to your classroom. From virtually touring an automotive assembly plant to seeing an Ornithologist in action in his backyard, we are creating moments of discovery for every student, every day. We make it possible for students to meet and interact with real life role models from the convenience of their own classrooms.