Providing the technology to manage your STEM community

We help education non-profits and STEM Hubs develop a branded cloud-based platform to manage collaboration between their business and education community

Create and manage your STEM community

Increase access to STEM resources for students by enabling collaboration between business and community partners, school districts, universities, community colleges and non-profits. Nepris provides an easy to use online platform that can be adapted to every community to manage effective engagement of all stakeholders in the STEM ecosystem. You find the partners! We will help you manage them.

Facilitate effective communication & collaboration

Meet all stakeholders expectations without spending much time or money. Your business partners want increased employee engagement, universities want to reach more classrooms, non-profits want to share their resources, educators want industry connections, sponsors, field trips etc... Nepris helps facilitate all the communication and collaboration through a customized web-based platform so the needs of every stakeholder in your region is met and exceeded. Save development costs and get a platform up and running in days!

Track and evaluate student outcomes and effective practices

Share the successes of your STEM network with your key stakeholders. Nepris helps track, monitor and capture all contributions of your partners in education outreach and measures impact over the long term. With the click of a button get detailed reports that gives your leadership team and policy makers better insight into the impact of all your programs, virtual interactions, in-person visits and any shared resources that aim to inspire students towards STEM careers.