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The Chief Science Officer Program (CSO) aims to increase student voice and develop youth leaders in the STEM community by peer-electing students in grades 6-12. Once elected, CSOs serve as a STEM liaison for their school, peers, and community. The CSO program is leading a school cultural change that creates a focus on STEM - which is critical to our future economic vitality.

CSOs work with Jedi Mentors who bring real world expertise and support. During the inaugural 2017-2018 season, we hope to have the support of 15-20 Jedi Mentors.

As a Jedi Mentor you will be assigned a school for the entire year, which will have 2 CSOs. During the school year you will meet with them to offer advice, real world expertise, join them at events as needed, and inspire them as they work to inspire STEM-learning in their community.



-Passionate about mentoring youth

-Have 21st century skills or other experience that CSOs can benefit from

-Serve as real world connection to the workforce


Time Commitment & Responsibilities:

-Meet with CSOs on a monthly basis to support their on and off campus action plans

-Attend Jedi Mentor training at CSO Summer Institute in August 2017 (one hour commitment)

-Serve as a coach to CSOs to help them develop real world skills

-Validate the importance of the CSO role at your assigned school and in the community


Optional Opportunities as a Jedi Mentor:

-Lead an Institute workshop or activity on a topic you specialize in such as leadership, communication, strategic planning, public policy, or your STEM field

-Opening doors and connecting local business, education, and community leaders

-Hosting an event, tour, or activity at your organization



Event Date

Multiple Day Event

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Medford ,OR ,97504

Approximate location shown on map below


Allison Sweeney
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