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Next Generation Science Standards

Pop Fly Challenge:  Invent a way to send a ping-pong ball flying high enough to catch it. Take some paint stirrers, a wooden spool, and tape. Now, add your foot.

Guide groups of students through the process of engineering a device that launches a ball high enough so you can catch it using duct-tape, paint stirrers, a ping-pong ball, a wooden block or spool, and paper cups.


Key Questions

I would like the volunteer to briefly explain:

  • What do you do?
    What excites you about your work/why do you love about your job?

I would also like the volunteer to ask the students questions like:

  • Why do you think some designs worked better than others? 
  • What did you change from your first design to your second?
  • How do levers work? (converting a little effort into a lot of force.)

****We have Intel Pen Pals that we would love to come and share with our class if possible





Expected Outcomes


I would like the industry expert to advise students on their group projects.


Event Date

Multiple Day Event

Event Location

801 NE Lincoln Street , Hillsboro ,OR ,97124

Approximate location shown on map below

Provider Confirmed

Gustavo Albuquerque Intel Corporation



Provider Confirmed

Srivahni Chivukula Intel Corporation

Provider Confirmed

Eric Grimme Intel Corporation

Provider Confirmed

sheida khorrami Intel Corporation

Provider Confirmed

Kelly Lyon Intel Corporation

Provider Confirmed

Rambert Nahm Intel Corporation

Provider Confirmed

Antonio Rubio Intel Corporation
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Classes or Programs
Science and Engineering  
Grade 4  
No. of Students
Mechanial Engineering  Industrial Design  structural engineering  software engineering  engineering 
Engage students  engineer  Engineering Development  Engineering Design  engineering technology  Physics