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This project is intended to be a "model" for how industry partners can work together with educators to provide application of skills to real life jobs and professions in our community for both teachers and students.  I would like to arrange an on-site tour of the industry partners facility followed by a short activity, co-designed by myself and the industry partner that will model how school knowledge and skill s can be applied in real life.

I will...

  • provide the classroom context for the activity

You will...

  • provide the job skill relevancy and real-world context based on your work and the work of your organization as well as a short tour of your facility.  This will require about 30-60 minutes of collaboration time sometime during the week of March 12-15.  This can be via phone or in person.

The actual tour/activity will occur during the week (April 23-27), it will take place at the industry partner location.

This activity will possibly be used again by the attending teachers.


Key Questions

How does this company use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their business? 

  • What skills learned in an academic K-12 education are valuable to this industry?
  • What activities and classroom interactions with this industry can inspire and challenge students to pursue this career path? (this is a joint answer that will be developed by educators & industry professional)
  • What education is necessary for your job?
  • What do you love about your job?  What is the most challenging?


Expected Outcomes

  • Work with me to develop an activity that connects the skills and knowledge of your profession with the academic curriculum on a K-12 classroom.  This is a joint activity.  You will provide the industry context of skills & I will provide the academic context of what students are learning in the classroom.  Together we will create a model activity that would demonstrate how industry can provide real-world context to the academic subjects that students learn in the classroom.
  • This will require about 30-60 minutes of time during the week of March 12-16 to collaborate with me.
  • The session will take place during the week of April 23-27 at the industry partners location.




Event Date

04/23/2018 07:30 PM  Eastern Time 

Event Location

2500 Country Club Road , Lake Oswego ,OR ,97034

Approximate location shown on map below


InPerson Session Type
Classes or Programs
Educators   STEM activities  
Teacher Professional Development  
No. of Students
Computer Networking  Semiconductors  Food Production  Oil and Energy  Biotechnology  Computer Games  Airlines-Aviation  Cosmetics  civil engineering  optics  physics  windmill manufacturing  renewable energy  biology  structural engineering  chemistry  rocket scientist  video game design  solar energy  app developer  space science  Occupational Health and Safey  geology  earth science  pilot  Biochemical engineer  weather forecasting  Information Technology and Services  Electrical-Electronic Manufacturing  Internet  Telecommunications  Hospital & Health Care  Electrical Work  Defense and Space  Aviation & Aerospace  Mechanical or Industrial Engineering  Biotechnology  Machinery  Architecture  Testing  civil engineering  Electronics  renewable energy  Manufacturing  solar energy  healthcare  Agriculture  Energy and Agriculture  Energy and Environmental Technology 
engineer  Computer Engineering  Agricultural Biotechnology  Agribusiness  Health Sciences  STEM Career Planning  Test & Measurement Instrumentation  Manufacturing  Manufacturing Automation Systems  Electrical  Renewable energy  Agricultural sciences  Biochemical Engineering  architect  Solar Energy  Civil Engineering  Telecommunication Services  Aviation & Aerospace  Analysis  Data Analysis and Application  Measurement & Evaluation  scale models  Critical Thinking  Collaboration  Collaborative Leadership  design & development  Coding  Asking Questions  Solution Development  Solution Focused  Evidence  Mathematical Modeling  math and science application  evaluation