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This request is for our school wide STEAM Night. All classrooms will be open with our STEAM projects on display and we'd love to have the Pop Fly Challenge set up in the gym with some other hands on options for students and families to try out.


Next Generation Science Standards

Pop Fly Challenge:  Invent a way to send a ping-pong ball flying high enough to catch it. Take some paint stirrers, a wooden spool, and tape. Now, add your foot.

Guide groups of students through the process of engineering a device that launches a ball high enough so you can catch it using duct-tape, paint stirrers, a ping-pong ball, a wooden block or spool, and paper cups.


Key Questions

I would like the volunteer to briefly explain:

  • What they do for a living

I would also like the volunteer to ask the students questions like:

  • Why do you think some designs worked better than others? 
  • What did you change from your first design to your second?
  • How do levers work? (converting a little effort into a lot of force.)

I love all the stuff already listed above but I don't know if it'll be possible to be this intentional with the game plan for the night as families will have free range to try different stuff out in the gym or go visit classrooms. Therefore, I think it's best to just prepare to help students and families help build and test the prototypes as they come to you and have a natural conversation with them about what the volunteers do for a living and what the students can do at their current age/grade level to prepare for a career in engineering.




Expected Outcomes

Provide a hands on experience for students at families during STEAM Night. Please note that the volunteers will be set up in the gym alongside a handful of other hands on STEAM things for kids to check out, so it will have a science fair like atmosphere. I will happily cordon off the amount of space the volunteers think they will need and set up the long lunch tables for them to keep their supplies on.


Event Date

05/17/2018 08:30 PM  Eastern Time 

Event Location

620 N Fremont St , Portland ,OR ,97227

Approximate location shown on map below


Darcy Gill

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Mohammed Saleem Sultan Intel Corporation

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Youlen Ghazalian Intel Corporation

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Marion Mayo Intel Corporation

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Allison Sheesley Intel Corporation
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